Radical Option
Beyond Fire
Primal Source


We Have Never Been Here Before…


Humanity faces its greatest challenge ever — a planet approaching CO2 levels not experienced in three million years, relegating a multitude of species, heroic and microscopic, to evolution’s history book — broken branches on the Tree of Life — and oceans fast becoming hot, acidic, killing zones.

Still, there are those who believe it possible for humanity to creatively reconfigure itself to adapt to what lies ahead, but only if change far beyond the ordinary can be embraced. Yet powerful forces possessing enormous resources, financial and otherwise, will oppose the change-makers at every turn.

Because they have a different future in mind.

Stepping into the fray is a visionary wildlife biologist; a passionate seer; a fearless shapeshifter; a ninja guerrilla fighter; a steady ship’s captain and an array of unexpected helpers who will attempt to bend the arc of human history in the making away from possible extinction.

Become part of the Change. Join the quest to create a better world. Experience the People of the Change.

Journey into Imagination, Magic and Possibility


The big three global issues: FOOD, ENERGY, WATER


There’s plenty of doom and gloom surrounding the challenges these issues present to humanity. But not all the cards are on the table. Powerful options exist that are not under discussion.

 Radical Option goes way outside the box to offer an extraordinary solution to the potential collapse of world agriculture and world fisheries — human photosynthesis. Beyond Fire exposes the hologram of deception around energy by revealing a far superior alternative to fossil fuels and traditional energy technologies that’s available now. Hint: “It’s not just about the lights in the sky; it’s about the lies on the ground.” Primal Source responds to the deadly combination of privatization and diminishing supply of clean, healthy water by proposing a new relationship with this most essential of all substances. In addition, it proposes a extraordinary means to liberate vast amounts of hidden wealth to address the planet’s most pressing needs.

Together these three books of the The People of the Change present a range of revolutionary concepts and thinking, that if taken seriously by enough courageous change-makers, just might buy enough time for humanity to finally “get it right.”

Imagine reading a page-turning 3-volume thriller with compelling characters, great dialog and truly visionary explorations that coheres all these topics effectively — shapeshifting, remote viewing, Directed Energy Weapons, Universal Energy, non-violent self defense, de-population, ETs, hybrids, ARVs, ancient cultures, GMOs, Transhumanism, Asian gold troves, breakaway civilization and underground cities.
I did. I couldn’t put it down. This is not only a captivating and inspiring read, but an education into what’s really going on in the world and what we can do about it. Highly recommended!                  — FRG
I have read the trilogy and am forever changed and living life with renewed hopefulness.        — K. McIntosh