People of the Change

Radical Option

Book 1
By Charles Bensinger

Next step in human evolution?

Radical Option


Deeply concerned about the high rates of species extinction and the looming failure of global agriculture caused by climate change, wildlife biologist Dr. Catherine Connelly desperately searches for solutions to the existential threat facing humanity. She meets a group of people in New Mexico engaged in a radical experiment to modify their human genome to enable them to generate their own energy from sunlight, air and water—in effect, to become human photosynthesizers.  Catherine soon discovers that a secret corporate cabal is also working on the concept but is intent on using it to achieve world domination and loot the ruined remains of civilization. The stage is then set for a tumultuous and lethal battle between Catherine and her team of specially-skilled men and women and the ruthless cabal who will stop at nothing to preserve their exclusive control over this revolutionary biological technology.

We could become human solar chips — harnessing sunlight to provide energy and the necessary chemicals and start to fully utilize the supercomputer that is our brain. And if we’re to have a future, we need to hugely reduce our need for material goods. If we can help make this experiment work, maybe we could have a world without wars, energy crises, hunger, and unnecessary suffering. That’s why I’m willing to give it a try. 

I could not put it down.  . . . Your gift to inspire  and touch our souls is  amazing.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxL.. Spangenburg

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Beyond Fire

Book 2
By Charles Bensinger

Fossil fuel freedom?

Beyond Fire

We have never been here before . . .

Dire warnings from scientists are coming fast and furious: “Time is running out; the impacts of climate change now threaten the very fabric of civilization.”

Fully aware of the grim prognosis, a daring team with unconventional skills races to slow the devastating global effects of fossil fuel emissions. Though deception abounds at the highest levels, they acquire a revolutionary form of energy that renders combustion chemistry obsolete — thus ending the need for carbon-based fuels.

But by introducing a highly disruptive technology, they find they must confront a powerful enemy. The choice is clear: Fail to act, and life on Earth will suffer the “chain of doom” wrought by an overheating planet. Risk all, and if successful, deliver humanity into a fossil-fuel-free future.

And, of course, there were losers and winners: Oil, gas and coal companies and countries that had long relied on exporting fossil fuels faced a crisis of epic proportions, but for fossil fuel importers it was party time. The Great Global Reset Button had been pushed. The Fossil King was dead. It was a newly-ordered world now.

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Primal Source

Book 3
By Charles Bensinger

Life without water?

As the climate crisis ripples around the world, and global society spirals into an ever more extreme economic inequality, clean water has become increasingly rare. Capitalizing on this scarcity, a powerful cabal seeks to use its vast financial resources to gain control of the planet’s freshwater. They plan to reduce the world population to a fraction of its present size and rule a remnant society of their own design.


Microscopic view of water droplet

But this elite “breakaway civilization,” will not go unchallenged. A dedicated and visionary team with exceptional skills discovers that water holds potent secrets which they can use to confound the cabal’s sinister agenda. But they don’t stop there.  They cleverly pursue a radical means to “liberate” massive amounts of hidden wealth to remake the world as we know it.

In the final drama of the People of the Change Trilogy, the battle lines are drawn.

The ensuing struggle pits deception and aggression against ingenuity and courage. Meanwhile, the future of  humanity and the fate of the natural world hang in the balance.

As Ariel traveled through this extraordinary story of Life On Earth, she asked: Who or what is speaking to me? The answer came quickly to her hyper-receptive mind — Water. Of course, water made it possible for all life forms to come into existence; water sustained them for eons. But now so many are gone. Extinct.  And then Ariel wondered:  What if water remembers? Since I’m 70 percent water, perhaps water is sharing its memories with me.

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